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A while ago, on the vogons forums, I requested that someone make me an OPL4 soundfont, after finding the instruments in fasttracker instrument format (fasttracker, for you n00bs out there, was a popular dos based music tracker).

my prayr was answered by synthoritity, also known as ultimate doomer. he compiled the xi instruments into a general midi compatible soundfont. (I will upload the download link later, but Stupid wave braudband would charge me for uploading, and I already had to send email as an attachment to another youtuber, which might have jacked the bill up)

Anyway, the OPL4 was a sound chip made by everybody’s favorite japanese chip maker, yamaha. it was the successor to the whildly popular OPL3 with which it was bakwards compatible.

despite this, it was doomed from the very start. Yamaha’s primary client at the time, creative labs, baught a synthesyzer company called EMU systems while the OPL4 was being made, and it appeared against strong competition from EMU’s in-house chips found on the newly released awe32. Only 2 sound cards are known to use this chip on the PC: the sw20 from yamaha themselves, and the logitec soundman wave, both of which are soundblaster compatible. There is also the super popular moonsound for the MSX, but that came so late in the system’s life that it was only ever supported by indie developers.

Oh, and it gets worse from here. not only did the OPL4 have to fight EU, it also faced competition from the gravis gf1 and it’s parent chip the es5506.


modifiing some soundfonts


High there.

I’ve been modifiing some existing video game soundfonts for the purpusses of making them complient to the general midi standard. A lot of the popular video game soundfonts are guilty of not being complient to this standard, making them impractical for use as default soundfonts in foobar2000.

I modified the following soundfonts for gm compatibility.

dl link for all these and an OPL4 soundfont here:


banjo kazooie: one of my favorite games for the n64. It has a deverse set of instruments–from the tichilar banjo to some nice sounding ethnic instruments like the Shanai heard in goby’s vally. most of rare’s other platformers for the n64 use the same engine, right down to the same soundbank (dk64 mutch?)

super smash bros 64: this one has a lot of potential, and is my favorite soundfont of the bunch. Try playing ultima 7 with this soundfont, It’s super cool. Oh, and the drumkit is rather nice. Immagen having a stage set in an elimentary school set to the opening to barney and friends, or a german concentration camp set to music from wolfenstein3d, or a deman world set to the music from doom. Seriously. Oh, and let’s not forget how awsom Rule britania (Lord british’s theme for you die hard ultima fans) playing in lord brittish’s castle.

Konami arcade: this was the first soundfont I modified. Konami made more sound chips than just the scc. most of them were high quality digital to analog converters with a rather nice set of percussion. combined with the ultimate megadrive soundfont (aka genesisf), it will make your midis sound they were streight out of gradius 2 gofer no yaboo. The brass sounds rather reilistic for a chip made in 1987, as do the timpany and orchestral hit. with konami doing the good lisenced games of the early 90s (the simpsons, tmnt) this soundfont would settle any notion of how konami would handel the lisences stolen by a company of laughing joking numnuts.

I do hope to modify some more soundfonts to meat the gm standard. Until then, enjoy these soundfonts in their glorry.

dear wave braudband, what’s your problem?


I have a huge complaint regarding my internet service.

Basicly the assholes over at wave braudband decided to impose a data limmet and charge us a hundred or so dollars just for going over, on top of the already high price of admition.

As a youtuber, this is a giant slap in the balls, no, a giant “screw you” to all youtubers out there. everything I watch on youtube or download goes against this data limet, and We are threatening to switch ISPs if this gets any more out of hand.

so wave, if you continue to act like a bunch of gready assholes you’re going down.